16 septembre 2017

Pony mare for sale, 9-year-old

Up for sale due to no fault of her own...9-year-old medium pony mare. Katniss is a sweet, 12.3 hand pony that will stand in cross-ties and be groomed for ages.  She does not have a mean bone in her body.

Has done one year of regional, shorties and B circuit.  Goes W/T/C and working on her changes. Did well for her very first year showing, handled all of the stress like a champ.

Ties, loads and trailers without issue.  Can sleep inside or out.

Asking $5000. Please Contact Cindy DeJordy for more information and Video at:  (514) 973-2504 

PRIX: 5000$
CONTACT: Cindy DeJordy
TÉLÉPHONE: 514-973-2504
COURRIEL: jodi.lucrodier@gmail.com

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